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LEGAL ®EVOLUTION – 23 – 24 October 2017, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

LEGAL ®EVOLUTION – The European LegalTech Expo & Congress offers all members of ELTA preferential terms (15% discount) for your visit to LEGAL ®EVOLUTION 2017. In addition, we are holding a raffle for 3 free event passes for the expo and evening program. Each pass is worth € 469,- plus VAT (after 1 October: € 569).

Date: 23 – 24 October 2017
Location: Kap Europa, Frankfurt am Main

The LEGAL ®EVOLUTION in short:
45 speakers and panelists will prepare lawyers from firms and companies for tomorrow’s legal world. Highlights include the General Counsel Panel featuring Arne Wittig (Group General Counsel, Thyssenkrupp), Steffen Sachse (General Counsel, Aareal Bank), Victoria Núñez Francisco (Head of Legal, Commerz Real) and Florian Schaefer (General Counsel, Leica Camera): “When the Buck Stops: we won’t pay for that!”.

Other esteemed speakers include Nicola Beer (Secretary General of the FDP), Dr. Eva Kühne-Hörmann (Hessian Minister of Justice), Prof. Dr. Alexander Lorz (law professor in Düsseldorf and Hessian Minister of Culture), Dr. Thomas Remmers (Vice-President of the German Bar Association), Prof. Dr. Christoph von der Malsburg (Neuroscientist and recipient of the Körber-Prize), Dr. Carsten Linz (Global Head, SAP Center for Digital Leadership and Author of “Radical Business Model Transformation”) and Kalle Palling (Chairman of the EU Affairs Committee of the Parliament of “the digital role model” Estonia).

45 Exhibitors from Germany, the UK, the USA, Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Russia will demonstrate how legal work can be made easier: efficient contract drafting, document management, automatization, data analysis, knowledge databases, and much more.

Visit for detailed information on the speakers and exhibitors.

Your preferred benefits:
ELTA Members befenit from a special offer: 15% discount on all tickets (incl. group tickets). Registration using the Code (distributed by ELTA via newsletter or please contant is simple: Visit and click on the blue banner “GET YOUR TICKET!” Then choose the desired tickets, and click below on “Enter promotion or access code here”. Finally, enter the discount code to secure the reduced price.

To take part in the raffle, simply write a short email to Deadline for submission is 22 September – thereafter we will perform the drawing and inform the lucky winners.

If you have any questions concerning LEGAL ®EVOLUTION 2017, you are welcome to email directly at

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European Legal Technology Association announces new Board Members

The board of the European Legal Technology Association (ELTA), founded just over a year ago, is expanding. Its four board members will now be joined by María J. González- Espejo García (Spain) and Jeroen Zweers (The Netherlands). This expansion is the next step for the ELTA in achieving its goal to become the European platform for the technological future of the legal market.

María studied law at the Complutense University of Madrid, as well as European Law at Amsterdam University. She is an expert in corporate and professional #branding and is passionate about #innovation and #legaltech, as well as being a founding member of Madrid #LegalHackers and President of the Latin American Legal Professionals Women’s Association (AMJI). María has successfully built up and positioned many brands, such as Isofoton (renewable energy); Pérez-Llorca (law firm) as well as helping establish the Madrid region as an investment hub. She is a founding partner of the Instituto de Innovación Legal and a managing partner at Emprendelaw, which advises many professional service companies, law firms, and consultancies in areas such as strategy, marketing, communication, and people and knowledge management.

Jeroen is Innovation Director for Kennedy Van der Laan, a law firm based in Amsterdam and Eindhoven. He is responsible for a team of legal tech consultants and developers who help in-house counsels to use legal tech to overcome challenges. Jeroen is also co-founder of Dutch Legal Tech which is one of the oldest legal tech communities in Europe, with more than 900 members. Last year Jeroen was nominated as European Legal Innovator of the Year by the Financial Times.

Hariolf Wenzler, co-founder and president of the ELTA: “We are really delighted that with María and Jeroen we have found two new board members, who are equally excited and motivated as the rest of the board. The changes and developments, and new tasks that we face in the legal market are humungous and we try to keep up with all of it, worldwide, in order to enable our members to get the best insights and information. The board extension was the perfect next step to gain new perspectives and input from other European countries.”

María, who has been a member of the ELTA since it was founded in 2016, says: “A European platform was exactly what was needed to bring together all of these smart ideas and innovations that make the legal market so exciting and bursting with opportunities. I am looking forward to working with the board and with all the legal tech users and developers who are already connected via ELTA.”

“The Dutch legal tech scene is pretty agile and busy, but as in every country, the focus today rests mainly on national contacts, with the exception of the usual glance to the US. With ELTA Connect, we bring together European legal tech players, it is fantastic to be able to connect with peers in a mouse click”, says the new board member, Jeroen Zweers.

The “European” aspect of the ELTA is one of the issues that has been a main priority for the association right from its conception. Accordingly, after the success of its first conference in Berlin last July, the ELTA established the ELTA Ambassador Program, a group of handpicked well-connected legal tech pioneers from all over Europe and beyond, who volunteered to act as “swinging doors” between their particular country or region and the international level of the ELTA.

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ELTA’s Ambassador Program – Drivers of the international expansion

As a result of the great feedback and overall positive response to our first ELTA conference this summer in Berlin, the board has decided to call to life the so called ELTA Ambassador Program to facilitate and further drive the international expansion of ELTA.

The ELTA board envisions the Ambassador Program to become an international think tank, enabling the organisation to initiate cross-border exchange of views, ideas and experiences, as well as working on concrete projects. To accomplish this, the ELTA board asked a group of handpicked well-connected legal tech pioneers from all over Europe and beyond, who volunteered to act as “swinging doors” between their particular counrty or region and the international level of ELTA.

As such, the Ambassadors will actively support the ELTA board and organisation and drive forward the aims and objectives according to the ELTA mission statement, as well as promoting ELTA as a European organisation and platform for legal tech in their respective country or region. The ELTA Ambassador Program does not compete with existing national or regional legal tech initiatives, instead it brings together such initiatives under the ELTA umbrella.

The ELTA board is very happy and proud to announce the following individuals who agreed to take the role and responsibility as ELTA Ambassadors:

  • Jean-Luc Delli, Switzerland
  • Laura Fauqueur, Spain
  • Dima Gadomsky, Ukraine
  • Ido Goldberg, Isreal
  • Orsolya Görgényi, Hungary
  • Magnus Jones, Norway
  • Riikka Koulu, Finland
  • Kaisa Kromhof, Finland
  • Andreas Mätzler, Austria
  • Evert Nõlv, Estonia
  • Ivan Rasic, Bulgaria
  • Rick Seabrook, UK
  • Tobias Steinemann, Switzerland
  • Orsolya Szabó, Hungary
  • Holger Zscheyge, Russia

The ELTA board very much appreciates the trust and enthusiasm of the newly appointed Ambassadors and is looking forward to working with all of them in the future. We hope they will get as much additional domestic support as they can.

If any of you out there would be interested in also becoming ELTA Ambassadors for a specific country or region not already covered, please do not hesitate to contact our board member Tobias Heining, who is in charge of the Ambassador Program.

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HackChain17 – Scotland’s 1st Blockchain Hackathon – Glasgow, 6-8 October 2017

Brought to you by Girl Geek Scotland and Legal Hackers Scotland in partnership with ScotChain17.

Blockchain is an area of rapid growth globally, with a number of start-ups in blockchain flourishing in Scotland. We’re thrilled to be hosting HackChain17, Scotland’s 1st blockchain hackathon, in partnership with Scotland’s leading blockchain conference, and we hope you will sign up and get involved.

The hackathon winners will have the opportunity to present their solution on-stage at the high-profile ScotChain17 conference, attended widely by industry leaders, investors and technical experts.

The event is open to all (must be 18+ years), and there will be some optional workshops running before the hackathon if you are interested in learning more about blockchain development. Details will be posted on the Girl Geek Scotland website soon.

Challenge Areas:

(See the HackChain17 website for further details on challenges)


Smart contracts and other blockchain enabled digital documents highlight the potential for traditional legal services to be disrupted. Smart contracts can remove the need for enforcement of contracts in court, by having the agreement automatically execute on the blockchain and transfer funds in a verifiable way.


There’s more to blockchain than cryptocurrency, and with the big players in financial services still firmly reliant upon legacy technology and software, there’s huge potential for innovators using blockchain to bring highly competitive offerings to the table.


To realise the potential of personalised health-care and precision medicine, it’s essential to have reliable, consistent and secure personal health data. This needs to be stored for long-term use, out-lasting a patient’s relationship with any individual doctor, hospital or clinic, and should be portable world-wide.

Civic & Security

1 in 6 people in the world has no form of official identification, according to the World Bank, which impacts their ability to access financial services, democratic processes, travel, education, health and government benefits. Blockchain could be used to facilitate uncloneable identity documents which could be validated worldwide.

Pre-register on Eventbrite

Only people who pre-register on Eventbrite will be admitted to the event.


The event schedule is available on the HackChain17 website.

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