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ELTA’s Ambassador Program – Drivers of the international expansion

As a result of the great feedback and overall positive response to our first ELTA conference this summer in Berlin, the board has decided to call to life the so called ELTA Ambassador Program to facilitate and further drive the international expansion of ELTA.

The ELTA board envisions the Ambassador Program to become an international think tank, enabling the organisation to initiate cross-border exchange of views, ideas and experiences, as well as working on concrete projects. To accomplish this, the ELTA board asked a group of handpicked well-connected legal tech pioneers from all over Europe and beyond, who volunteered to act as “swinging doors” between their particular counrty or region and the international level of ELTA.

As such, the Ambassadors will actively support the ELTA board and organisation and drive forward the aims and objectives according to the ELTA mission statement, as well as promoting ELTA as a European organisation and platform for legal tech in their respective country or region. The ELTA Ambassador Program does not compete with existing national or regional legal tech initiatives, instead it brings together such initiatives under the ELTA umbrella.

The ELTA board is very happy and proud to announce the following individuals who agreed to take the role and responsibility as ELTA Ambassadors:

  • Jean-Luc Delli, Switzerland
  • Laura Fauqueur, Spain
  • Dima Gadomsky, Ukraine
  • Ido Goldberg, Isreal
  • Orsolya Görgényi, Hungary
  • Magnus Jones, Norway
  • Riikka Koulu, Finland
  • Kaisa Kromhof, Finland
  • Andreas Mätzler, Austria
  • Evert Nõlv, Estonia
  • Ivan Rasic, Bulgaria
  • Rick Seabrook, UK
  • Tobias Steinemann, Switzerland
  • Orsolya Szabó, Hungary
  • Holger Zscheyge, Russia

The ELTA board very much appreciates the trust and enthusiasm of the newly appointed Ambassadors and is looking forward to working with all of them in the future. We hope they will get as much additional domestic support as they can.

If any of you out there would be interested in also becoming ELTA Ambassadors for a specific country or region not already covered, please do not hesitate to contact our board member Tobias Heining, who is in charge of the Ambassador Program.

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#HackTheJustice: the ideas competition to improve Spanish Justice through LegalTech is now open for entries

MADRID – July 2017 – If you have an idea to improve justice through technology, you can submit it, win a prize, and materialize it during the hackathon that will take place this year in November. During the whole summer, any citizen willing to do so can participate to the ideas competition that has been launched by the Instituto de Innovación Legal in the framework of its program Justiapps #HackTheJustice.

Many people complain about problems in the Justice system, but very few take some time to think about possible solutions, and even fewer take the step to go from the idea to the action and effectively build the solution. This is why the Instituto de Innovación Legal has endeavored, with the second edition of the program Justiapps #HackTheJustice, to call all those who have a good idea to improve justice that can be materialized with technology to enroll in the competition.

Apart from the prizes, winners will be entitled to participate to the hackathon #HackTheJustice that will take place in November where, along with legal and tech professionals, they will be able to transform their idea into a tangible reality.

For this second edition, all the ideas submitted to the competition must fit in one of the following categories: inclusive justice, accessibility and understanding of legal documents, improvement of the functioning of the Justice system, tools to support legal professionals, cybersecurity, conflict resolution, data protection, fight vs gender violence, and e-commerce legal security.

The jury made of sponsors, tech and legal experts, will vote for the best ideas that will receive a prize and enter the next phase: hackathon. Criteria for selection will be originality of the idea, importance of the problem it intends to solve, chances of success of the technological development, etc.

In order to participate, it is important to read and accept the legal basis of the competition and to fill in the form on the Instituto de Innovation Legal website before September, 30th. There is also a special category for students, who are the only ones who can participate as a team (two students and a teacher). Inscriptions are to be done here: (all in Spanish)

Justiapps #HackTheJustice is a program organized by the Instituto de Innovación Legal to promote legaltech entrepreneurship, to create an ecosystem where technology and law empower each other, and to involve citizens in the strengthening of the Spanish rule-of-law state and in building a better justice. It is made by a series of events and activities such as the four Innotech Debates (two have taken place already, one on Client Experience in Law Firms and another on How to build apps for lawyers), a Forum on Justice and Open Data, this ideas competition for students and citizens, the hackathon, and the incubation of the resulting projects.

The program Justiapps #HackTheJustice is sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Justice, Thomson Reuters, Everis, Amazon, Ilunion, KPMG Abogados, Spanish Association of Telecom Engineers, tuAppbogado, Docxpresso and BBVA, and supported by many institutions as Novagob, Fide, Madrid Bar Association and the Centro Universitario Villanueva. It was officially inaugurated on May 29th at the Ministry of Justice Headquarters in Madrid.

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About the Instituto de Innovación Legal

The Instituto de Innovación Legal’s main purpose is to bridge the gap between legal industry and technology. It serves its purpose of creating an ecosystem where tech and legal professionals work together by providing support to the legaltech entrepreneurs to make their projects come true, promoting open innovation in law firms and institutions, organizing training sessions and workshops to foster tech and law skills, and researching and evangilazing on the benefits of legal innovation among companies, citizens and institutions.

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ELTA president Hariolf Wenzler at London Law Expo

On October 11, ELTA president Hariolf Wenzler was one of the speakers at London Law Expo 2016. He gave a talk about „Innovation for Strategic Competitive Advance“, highlighting the challenges and opportunities LegalTech brings to the legal services  community. While innovation for long time has not been associated with lawyers in the first place, the dynamics of change in most industries forces all professional services firms to put innovation on main stage. Legal technology is an enabler to redefine value chains and business models in the legal industry, whilst being a potential threat to some functions in today’s pyramid structure. Innovators in the legal industry will not only set the pace but also shape the profession’s future, he concluded.

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