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ELTA European Legal Tech Survey

One major goal for ELTA is to bring more transparency and clarity around legal tech to legal professionals from Europe and beyond. This mission is, doubtlessly, a long-term goal requiring continuous effort from the community. One of the first steps to achieve this goal is to gather the required information about the European legal tech market and make it accessible to everyone.

Therefore today ELTA launched its first survey of the European legal tech industry. Apart from serving as the starting point for several information resources ELTA is working on, part of the survey data will be used in a partnership with ALTA and the organizers of the Global Legal Tech Report to map European legal tech in a concise report to be publishes later thhis year.

We call upon all legal tech companies in Europe (which in the context of ELTA encompasses all countries from Portugal to Russia and the former Soviet republics, from Norway to Israel) to take their time and submit data on their companies and products. Even if you already submitted data separately to the Global Legal Tech Report, please resubmit it to our survey. The deadline for submissions is September 25, 2020, so don’t put this task on the back burner.


  1. REPLY
    Valeriy says

    Hi, I am EVP of Legal Tech Company Liga. Could you please share what will be the outcome for Legal Techs, who take part in a survey? Who will see the report?

    Thank you


    • REPLY
      Holger Zscheyge says

      Valeriy, the data from the survey will be used for two purposes: 1) for the Global Legal Tech Report (, the orgaizers of which prepare a separate report for Europe. E:TA is partner of the GLTR. All companies that submit data to the survey will receive a free copy of the European report. 2) for a European directory of legaltech solutions, that will be developed by ELTA. This directory will be free of charge to all companies and shall help lawyers in Europe choose the right solution.

      If you have any further questions or comments, ypu can contact me by email directly: I am part of the team that conducts the survey,

      Holger Zscheyge

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    Petter Flink says

    Great initiative! Our submissions for Due AML, Due Conflict and Due Monitor done! Looking forward to see the report. Kind regards Petter Flink, CEO Due Compliance

    • REPLY
      Holger Zscheyge says

      Hi Petter, thanks for taking the time to submit your projects!

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