We will go over the ongoing situation with security in start-ups, databreaches at names we all know and what could have they done about it to prevent the breach that we can do today. We will also cover secure software development, testing and deployment as well as general cybersecurity advice you can implement right away, immediately after the webinar, in the following areas:
i. How to protect the company when everyone is working from home
ii. Access control challenges for Legaltech start-ups
iii. Scalable protection measures for start-ups
iv. What it takes to create a secure and usable service
v. Security Awareness guidelines
The whole webinar will be filled with practical, applicable advice which can be implemented right away.

Alexander Sverdlov has built security programs and assessed the security of multiple government organizations and banks all over the world in his work in Microsoft’s cybersecurity team and now he is helping law firms and legaltech companies protect from hacking attacks. He is also the author of the book “Protecting Law Firms from hacking attacks” (which is 100% applicable to legaltech startups, too) – and everyone who stays until the end of the webinar will get a copy.

Holger Zscheyge, Board Member, ELTA