„Data is the new oil,” it is sometimes said rather rhetorically. But there is a lot of truth in that sentence. This applies not only to Industry 4.0, the social media, but also and especially to the legal and judicial system. After all, consumer disputes today are often no longer real legal disputes, but more “data checks” based on structured data available to all parties involved. Just think of the countless court cases for air passenger reimbursements which are now being started because of the corona crisis. Consumer LegalTech platforms have been doing pioneering work in this area for a long time by acting as “gatekeepers” between consumers and companies, automatically checking the respective data records. In this way, long legal proceedings can be avoided. But does that always work? Who is actually the “master of data”? And what happens if you do have to go to court? This webinar will provide insights into how a Consumer LegalTech platform works and point out that data may not only be the new oil, but also the new judges.

Speaker: Dr. Benedikt M. Quarch, M.A.
Benedikt Quarch, born 1993 in Aachen, studied law and economics in Wiesbaden and Montréal. For the 1st state examination he was awarded by the Hessian Minister of Justice as best of the state in 2016. At the end of 2016 he completed his Master’s degree in Business Administration (EBS Business School) and subsequently worked as a research assistant at the Chair of Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, European Law, Law of New Technologies and History of Law at EBS Law School, Wiesbaden. In 2019 he received his doctorate (Dr. iur.) at EBS Law School, Wiesbaden (topic: “The European Regulation of Crowdling”, in publication by Mohr Siebeck Verlag). Since 2017 Benedikt Quarch is Co-Founder and Managing Director of the RightNow Group, an international legal tech company based in Düsseldorf.