Covid-19 continues to be a challenge for all businesses, large and small. And like after all previous crises, we swear that this time was the last time a disaster hit us unprepared. Only to forget about preparedness the minute the crisis ends.

On October 15, ELTA offers a way out of this vicious cycle. Three experts in the field of professional services consulting will show you how to strategically make your organization resilient to any potential disaster and how to mentally prepare yourself for the challenges of an unpredictable and constantly changing world. Sign up for this ELTA webinar and never get hit by a crisis unprepared.

Sebastian Hartmann
Global Head of Technology Strategy at KPMG

Jeroen Zweers
Board member, ELTA, Founder, NOUN and Dutch Legal Tech

Marisa Mendez
Psychologist, coach and teacher, specialized in wellness and personal growth