Kaisa is the co-founder and CEO of Contract Mill, an intelligent legal document automation solution for law firms and in-house legal teams. Contract Mill is easy to use cloud based SaaS solution that enables lawyers create automated versions of their own document templates. Contract Mill not only boosts efficiency and enables effective knowledge management, but it also empowers non-lawyers in corporations to do more themselves and it creates new business opportunities for law firms. Kaisa has extensive track record in working as international business lawyer, previously holding the position of General Counsel of a MEUR 500 turnover electronics manufacturing company headquartered in Switzerland. Based on over 12 years in-depth knowledge of the in-house legal work, Kaisa and co-founder Hannele Korhonen, owner of a law firm, want to be part of building future of legal work where lawyers and business owners can “be more“ what they are passionate about: business enablers, strategists, negotiators and experts. Kaisa holds LL.M, Law, from University of Helsinki and she has been studying in addition in Stockholm, Sweden and Tübingen, Germany.